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Monday, August 22, 2016

Combat Belly Fat With Exercise

 Belly Fat

This society is paying the price for leading a more or less sedentary life. This is a life where people do little physical activity. This, coupled with high fat diets, has spawned a nation of overweight people, not to mention that there are about 350,000 deaths each year in the United States due to obesity. In a way, we cannot blame the people themselves because society has really changed since the 1st century.

So in a way, we cannot blame ourselves after pizza when we reach for the candies, cookie and chocolate. Have you ever tried to fast and been any where near a TV? The food ads alone will have you rushing to the fridge in no time.

Society has really changed a great deal in the last 100 years. Our ancestors used to be extremely active, men hunted, built houses and fought wars. Women on the other hand had to tend the home and the till the land. At the end of the day the whole family would sit down to a hearty meal, but all members would have done a day of hard physical work.

In today's working environment, we work in offices, drive there and drive to most of our destinations. Most of us spend our working day sitting behind a desk. We then spend our days feeding our body's with snacks and other foods that are full of chemicals and trans-fats. 

We drive home to then sit in front of the television.This inactivity just compounds an already bad situation. Here we have a sure fire recipe for obesity and that is what almost 40% of the US population is grappling with right now.

Belly Fat

There are other reasons why people end up with belly fat and being obese. The main one being genetics, some peoples bodies cannot process food efficiently and either digests it slowly and stores a lot of fat or their bodies simply fails to generate the needed metabolic combustion rates to burn most of the fats that is consumed. 

Poor eating habits can leave you feeling lethargic making you reluctant to take part in any kind of strenuous activity ending up with the same problem. Thyroid imbalances or inactivity can also cause fat storage around the belly and body.

As said before exercise is the best way to combat belly fat. You do not need a complicated routine, just be committed, consistent and regular with the exercises you do.

One way is to be knowledgeable especially on what you are eating. This means that before you eat something you determine that it is good for you by either reading the label or asking about the ingredients. This will also drive you to shop smart whenever you go grocery shopping.

Another way you combat obesity is to become more active. This may mean joining a gymnasium or jogging and running. Many apartments in the US also have free gymnasiums which you can use in your free time. Sometimes simple exercise when done consistently and diligently can go a long way.

Belly Fat

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