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Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to invest in the strongest region? Best US equity funds

How to invest in the strongest region? Best US equity funds

United States ranks as the strongest region with established market leading companies. Forecasts point to an acceleration in the U.S. economy, so it may be a good time to have U.S. companies and diversify our portfolios, accessing a market that has proven its resilience in recent years. Therefore, we ask what are the best mutual funds US?

In late 2012 the U.S. economy experienced a period of stagnation from Hurricane Sandy, but last year managed to control the increase in tax obligations, maintaining a steady annual growth of GDP. The beginning of the year 2014 have been affected by adverse weather conditions, facing the HELIDO winter in the last 20 years.

What are the prospects for the U.S. economy?

U.S. stresses on aggregate as the strongest region and is in the lead in the survey results relating to business confidence, business investment prospects, dividend growth and financial health, the comment from Fidelity.
Analysts are revising upwards the estimates of the performance of companies and, for the moment, recorded an increase of about 9% this year.
Analyzing this context, we ask what indicators show an improvement in the U.S. economy.
First, the household confidence is increasing with figures close to pre-crisis, banks are facilitating access to loans growing at an annual rate of 8% -9% and there is increased demand for credit by the industrial sector .

"In every cycle there are conflicting indicators, but the underlying economic trend points to an acceleration of the global economic recovery driven by developed countries. U.S.. UU., Consumption and housing continue to show strength and we continue to expect spending recover capital as business confidence is strengthened and capital goods get older, Mark Burgess, CIO of Threadneedle "

Another important indicator is the purchase of motor vehicles during the month of March has increased at about 6% and the ISM manufacturing index edged up in April and the economy as a whole grew. The April PMI scored 54.9%, representing an increase of 1.2% since March.

How to invest in the strongest region?

Also significant re-industrialization which is facilitating the movement of cash flows. This coupled with the energy revolution where the supply of energy sources such as shale gas has caused gas prices fall, favoring industrial activity.

The corporate sector in the U.S. is an important source of momentum for the whole economy. Manufacturing activity has been strong despite recent signs of slowing down. In the fourth quarter of 2013, profits of companies in the S & P 500 rose by 10.2% over the year, posting its best quarter in two years.

In addition, the revenue growth exceeded expectations for the first time in four quarters. In the overall economy, the benefits of overseas operations have been stable in recent years, having quintupled between 1995 and 2007, however, national income -. Currently represent approximately 80% of corporate profits Americans, have recently been the main source of growth and more than doubled its numbers from its lows of 2008. strong corporate profitability and manufacturing activity still doing the business sector a bright spot in the U.S. economy

Although these figures are not spectacular in themselves, point to solid growth prospects. In this context, the normalization of U.S. monetary policy will continue its course and will be difficult to avoid some tense moments in the kinds of Treasury bonds.

What are the top U.S. equity funds?

After analyzing the U.S. market and observing the prospects it offers, we collect the best equity funds that invest in America.

Pictet Index USA - I USD

JPM Highbridge U.S. STEEP A (acc) - EUR

Pioneer Funds - U.S. Fundamental Growth A EUR ND

Robeco U.S. Large Cap Equities D EUR

We highlight funds as Pictet USA Index - I USD that replicates the behavior of the S & P 500, Pioneer Funds - U.S. Fundamental Growth A EUR ND which invests in companies with growth potential profit in USA and Robeco U.S. Large Cap Equities D EUR selecting companies value following the American philosophy.

How to invest in the strongest region?

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